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Circle of Betrayal, the review

Karen’s Magic Review

I read and reviewed two previous books by this author, and she has followed on with another really great book cover. I liken book covers to perusing paintings in an art gallery. Except they have the added excitement of looking inside to experience the story your imagination has just conjured up.

That gives me an idea of hosting my own art gallery featuring my favourite book covers. Watch out for that, as Befriended and Circle of Betrayal will definitely be featured.

Ruth O’Neill ramps up the tension with this psychological thriller, Lena, the main character appears to live the perfect life. A beautiful house, a loving doting husband, and a first baby on the way. Except, of course, things are never how they appear.

Lena’s husband, Sean has a dark secret and a fetish. As if that wasn’t enough, someone is stalking her. That’s a great set-up for any story. It then twists and turns leading up to a hysterical tension-filled climax.

This is where the secrets are finally revealed, and not just Sean’s. A lot of people have plenty to hide. For the reader, however, there is no mystery to uncover. Each of the chapters are told from each characters point of view in the first person perspective. That means we know everyone’s secrets in this sordid conspiracy. I’m not a fan of Groundhog Day and that’s how it felt as we relived the same scene from someone else’s perspective.

There are a few surprises on the way as we find out how things were accomplished. It was a clever plot, and I particularly liked how the title was hidden in all the revealing revelations. It was indeed a circle with seven characters and linking of the storylines. The author wrote about the entanglements well in what could have been a very confusing plot.


Lena Farnham has it all: a job she loves, a wonderful husband, a huge house, and a baby about to arrive. She’s the happiest she’s ever been, and she can’t believe how lucky she is.

Unfortunately, Lena’s luck is about to run out.

Someone is following her, and not only that – they’re leaving frightening messages, and threatening her perfect life. Even worse? Her husband Sean doesn’t believe any of it.

When the baby finally arrives, however, Lena’s follower is the least of her worries. Everything in her life is about to change, but why? What did she do to deserve this? And what isn’t Sean telling her?

Lena embarks on a journey to uncover the lies, deceit, and betrayal from the one person she loves and trusts the most… her husband.

Even the most perfect people can have dark pasts – and even darker secrets.

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