Fantasy, Thriller

Hidden Enemy by J P McLean

326 pages, thriller, fantasy

Karen’s Review

I remember the days before kindle when I always had my nose in a paperback. I lived and breathed the big authors. Harold Robbins, Sidney Sheldon, Jacqueline Susann. Later, Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs and later still, on kindle Harry Bingham. They are just a few of my standout authors. Whilst reading them, I literally couldn’t wait to pick up my book again, reading at every opportunity. When I wasn’t reading, I constantly thought about it as the storyline called me back.

I still read a lot, but, solely on my kindle. There are plenty of good books out there although, sadly not many leave me with that urgency of living and breathing a story every minute of the day. I rarely read complete series any more, and after 250 pages, I am ready to move on to the next book.

The last full series was Bingham’s Fiona Griffiths books and Gillian Hamer’s Gold Coast Detectives. Bingham had six books, most well over 300 pages, and The Gold Coast had three volumes.

All that leads to The Gift Legacy by J P McClean. Book 1 was the Secret Sky, which I reviewed on here. If you haven’t read that, then you should, just for my sheer delight and enthusiasm for the story. I didn’t intend to read book two, although I really, really, wanted to, simply because it wasn’t in Kindle Unlimited and I had promised myself not to buy any more books.

The author read my review and was pleased enough to want to gift me the second book. I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t wait to finish my current book to just get to it. But I had to be patient! Then it struck me, the first book was so good, how could this one beat that?. Would I be disappointed? No!!

Yes, that’s two exclamation marks. This book was even better than the first one, something I didn’t think was possible. It began quietly enough, and spent a quarter of the book with very little conflict. Instead, we read about Emelynn’s life, that’s the main character, and how she was adjusting to her new life skill, her friends, her fight back to fitness, and the beautiful place she lived. It didn’t matter that nothing happened. I glided through the pages as her life was descriptive and enjoyable.

Then, the ‘conflict kicked in. Emelynn returned home and found people in black had evaded her sanctuary. There is a violent confrontation, that not only leaves her reeling, it left me feeling that way too. From that point onwards, I could not stop reading or thinking about it. It was this that prompted me to write the first paragraph of this blog post, and to compare it to those stories from years ago. I never thought I would find that again. Yet, here it is – The Gift Legacy.

In deference to the author, I have bought book number three. She explained that her books are with all retailers because she gets a variety of readers from other places, too. With Kindle Unlimited, books need to be exclusively with Amazon. Her books are too good to be restricted to just one audience. The odd thing is I awoke that morning devouring yet another chapter, and this blog piece rumbled around my head. I had to write it down quickly, thus reviewing it before I had actually reached the end.

I had a lot to do that day, but it all went by the wayside as reading was much more important. That conflict I told you about, well it didn’t stop until the end of the book!

I had two more books to read before I could get to number three. But, I could stop and book 3 is now on the go.

This a series that will thrill you, not only for the story line, and who doesn’t want to fly by just taking off? Or, the wonderful descriptive paragraphs, and host of interesting characters, every one of them with personalities and characteristics, just like real people.

And I haven’t even mentioned the book cover, beautiful as it is, its significance to the story is revealed as it plays a touching part.

This is a great book, or series for a book club because it is the type of story you want to discuss. If you have read it, please, please, come back here so we can chat about.


A forbidden book. A dangerous secret. A life in the balance.

In the wake of a bullet and a broken heart, Emelynn Taylor learns the true portent of a gift she can barely control. Her discovery of a forbidden book unlocks explosive secrets that connect her to a past she never imagined.

Now someone is threatening to expose those secrets, and an unknown assailant is hunting her. With everyone hiding something, whom can she trust? Emelynn is thrust into the eye of a storm as two powerful factions clash: one ancient, one evil. And both of them want a piece of her.

Knowing that not even her gift of flight will save her, Emelynn forms an uneasy partnership with a dangerous man she must learn to trust—and then she must risk her gift and her future to protect her friends’ lives.

The second book in The Gift Legacy series, Hidden Enemy is a thriller that skirts the edges of reality in a world within our own. Climb aboard and escape the ordinary: take flight with Emelynn Taylor.

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