Crime, Horror, Young Adult/Teen

Welcome To Strangely – Weekly Blog Series #2

The Magic of Stories is delighted to bring Welcome to Strangely, The Other World by Lynette Ferreira, as weekly series to my blog. You can find her at Fiction For The Soul on Facebook.

All instalments can be found at the bottom of #1

He asked, “So, Jenny, what do you like to do for fun?”

“I’m having fun.”

“No, you’re clearly not.”

“What gave it away?” She dared a glance up at him.

“Since you’ve come in and got yourself that monstrosity of a drink, you’ve barely said two words, twirled that glass around in your hand so many times you’ve probably messed up the perfect balance it was supposed to be when it was created.”

Jenny sighed. “I just thought it would be different. More exciting.”

“Being in a pub?” He chuckled. “Having a drink?”

“People always make it look like so much fun,” she sulked.

“Seen enough yet?”

“I’ll stay a bit longer, see if it gets better.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” He asked, leaning closer to her. The whisper of his breath brushed against her cheek.

Frozen in place, feeling like her stomach just imploded, her legs threatening to run a mile, even if this was the only place she ever wanted to be, she said with a tiny hitch in her voice, “Okay.”

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