The Wrong House by Christie Stratos

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I wasn’t quite sure what I was expecting with this one. I know this author from around Facebook and that she writes Victorian novels which are very popular. When I saw her advertising this as a short story, I thought it a good time to sample her work.

It was very atmospheric, as a traveller arrives in a blizzard to a house for shelter and comes into contact with Dr Blood. A nice play on words, or so I thought. The story was interesting and over too quickly, but then the author explains that Dr Blood was a real person and goes on to tell us a little bit about him. I found this just as interesting as the story itself.

So, if you are looking for a very quick read, then I would recommend this one. I will also read some of her fuller work at some point, because these short stories are a great way of finding out if you like an author’s writing style.

The Wrong House

A heavy nighttime blizzard forces Gerald Bitteson into the first building he finds, but the man he meets may be even colder than the storm he came in from. Gerald quickly finds out that Dr. C. L. Blood is no ordinary doctor, and the two have an ugly history even Blood himself doesn’t realize. But could this affable doctor really be the fraudster Gerald thinks? It may cost him his life to find out.

This historical fiction short story is based on true events from the real Dr. Blood’s life.

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