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Claimed by Seraphym by Denna Holm

Karen’s Magic Review

I have been waiting a long time to read book three of the Raiden Warriors Series, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Denna Holm has a magical way of building a believable world on another planet and making it all seem normal. The character of Seraphym was introduced in book one, and I felt he was something special. So I was delighted to know he was eventually going to get his own story. And here it is! Although my image of him was always of a very handsome, very tall man/dragon.

The story was everything that made the first two books brilliant. I loved the characters and the world they lived in. There were just as many exciting scenes in this book too, and that kept me glued to the pages. At one point, I thought it was over, as everything seemed to have been rounded up. I didn’t think it could go anywhere else. But it did! It set off on another path, increasing in tension until we reached a battle scene that was out of this world – literally!

I loved this book, and I loved the entire series. It’s a romance from a fresh perspective. One thing I really don’t like is the cover. This is a not a comic book in any way, shape or form. I had to turn myself off from thinking about the picture on the front. Let your imagination draw your own pictures from the wonderful words of the author.

I don’t know if there is going to be another book. If there is, I would like to hear what happened to Lena. She was part of Seraphym’s dragon clan and was claimed by a rogue Raiden Warrior. He was extremely cruel to her, and although she was eventually rescued, the experience badly damaged mentally. In book two and book three, she was still suffering, and I wanted her to find a good Raiden warrior such as Nicolai or Rafa from the first two books. Someone who could help her back onto the road of recovery. That would make a great story, and I can only hope as I’m sure other fans will think the same.

Claimed by Seraphym

Samantha was only sixteen when her sister Abby took her on an exciting journey through space to live on a new planet. She couldn’t be happier, until her eighteenth birthday, when the king declares she must accept the claim of a Raiden warrior. No one will stand up for her right to choose a mate for herself, not even Abby, until a magnificent dragon shifter drops out of the sky, offering Sam sanctuary with his clan.

When Seraphym’s niece is abducted and claimed against her will by a sadistic Raiden prince, he vows to one day take vengeance against the House of Nekbet. Two years later, he witnesses another young female, this one human, fighting off the advances of a Raiden warrior. Seraphym can’t say no when Samantha begs him for help. He refuses to stand by and do nothing while another innocent life is ruined.

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