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The Stolen Child by Brian McGilloway

Karen’s Magic Review

I found this on my kindle and I’ve no recollection where I got it from. However, as it was a short read, I gave it a go.

Now, I have never heard of this author but knew instantly I was reading a master story-teller. This short crime thriller had a lot packed into it, and if this is a sample of the author’s works, I shall definitely look at one of his crime novels. In fact, this story was like a novel crammed into a short story.

The book doesn’t seem to be available on Amazon any more and I found two links for it. One is an article about free books and the other link takes you to Google where only a print copy is available. It is worth buying.

The Stolen Child


An exclusive free edition of Brian McGilloway’s acclaimed short crime-story, featuring Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin. Includes the opening chapters of McGilloway’s dazzling new novel, Little Girl Lost (‘Truly chilling’ Ann Cleeves).

If you like crime thrillers, then it is worth checking his website.

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