World Breast Pumping Day

Yes, really. January 27th has been designated to it. Well, there’s a thing. I’ve never heard of it, have you?

World Breast Pumping Day was created to acknowledge the time, effort, and dedication that pumping breastmilk requires. The day dedicated to breast pumping mums is observed each year on January 27th.

Pregnant women will need to decide whether to feed their baby formula or breastmilk. There are many reasons moms choose breast milk. One reason is that breastmilk is a healthier option. Breastfeeding is also a wonderful way to bond with their baby. For many mums, breastmilk is the least expensive and most convenient choice. You can read more on the website.

When I saw it, I immediately remembered that I did it thirty six years ago. I had a lot of milk and the hospital suggested I pump some off to help feed the babies in the Special Care Baby Unit. Every week a blue van would arrive and I would hand over the bottles I stored in the fridge. For a while I felt quite proud that I probably fed a number of babies in my area, although I would never know who they were.

The funny thing about it, and it still makes me chuckle is how we lived in what was called a Sunshine Home. It a big window at the front and one at the back. I used to kneel on the floor with my naked back facing the front and pump away. If anyone ever peered in… goodness knows what they thought I was doing! Luckily no one ever did.

2 thoughts on “World Breast Pumping Day”

  1. Well, honestly. World Breast Pumping Day? I acknowledge that this is important in our society, but to make a general memorial day of it? What are we coming to? Anyway, thank you for drawing my attention to the phenomenon, and congratulations to the breast pumpers of the world.

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