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Adorable Babies

In 1966 my mother gave me a little sister. She had huge eyes and dark curly hair. I adored her. I was eight, and even practised shouting her name around the house before Mum brought her home from the hospital.

She was cute and beautiful. Nana would knit her little outfits. I was truly blessed. As she grew to a toddler she was as sweet as can be with large hazel eyes, a button nose, and pretty dark hair. I adored her!

Me and my baby sister

Not so much ten years later when she didn’t get the concept of how I wanted to be alone with my boyfriend.

Over the years she grew up and married, and then she had her first child. A beautiful little girl with big eyes that was as cute as cute can be. I loved her to bits!

My gorgeous niece

She grew into a toddler and stood out from all the other children because she was so pretty.

Me and my niece

Fast forward twenty plus years and that little girl gave birth in August 2021 to a gorgeous daughter. She has dark hair and dark laughing eyes that remind me so much of my Dad. He couldn’t tell jokes because his eyes gave away the punch line. I miss him, and he would have adored them both.

She is three months old, at the time of writing, and I haven’t cuddled her, I have to be satisfied with pictures, and I can’t wait to see my grand niece and I have no idea when that will be because to COVID.

That’s just one of my stories that has been put on hold because of the virus. I’m sure each of you have stories too. Let’s hope it’s not too long before we can finish them and celebrate all the things we should have this year. When it does, I can’t wait for lots of baby cuddles!

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