Pictures Telling Stories, Famous People, Famous Places

I’ve long had a fascination about the lives famous people live. What are they really like behind closed doors? Who do they love?

Without intention I looked back and realised I written this into many of my stories.

The first picture Joanna’s Journey tells how she meets a guy on the train, who turned out to be a singer at to reach stardom.

The second, is Joanna’s Destiny where she is involved in the glamorous world of rock and pop.

The two pictures of the singer and the concert is how Joanna spends her time. She visits many venue’s listening to the love of her life perform to thousands of adoring fans.

Play the Game is associated with the last pictures on the image above when one of the characters keeps his profession a secret. He likes the anonymity but knows it can’t last.

A Cry in the Night is about a burnt out rock star who goes to a seaside retreat to get away from the pressures of life on the road and the glare of the media. But he is not alone, someone else had come to get a way from from a life that is sending her to the very edge.

Each book has its own page, and there you will find more details.

Joanna’s Journey

Joanna’s Destiny

Play the Game

A Cry in the Night

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