The Saga of the Bank Card

by Karen J Mossman

Another old one from a few years ago.

On the way to our Anglesey to stay in our caravan in the Autumn of 2014, we stopped off for breakfast at McDonald’s. I paid by handing hubby my bank card. As I had the dog on my knee, I couldn’t get it back into my handbag easily, so I stuffed into my bra. Not an unusual thing to do. I often put small things in there. I then forgot about it as we continued our journey.

At the caravan, he took the dog out for a walk and I went to the toilet. It was then that I remembered my bank card was still in my bra. So I went into the bedroom and saw the bed needed making up and found a sheet to get it ready for bedtime. Bankcard forgotten.

With everything unpacked, we planned to relax for a couple of hours. So, as normal when relaxing, I ‘let out the girls out’ and sat reading on my kindle Steve Mosby’s Black Flowers, which I’d picked up in a charity shop. I read the blurb on the back and thought it sounded interesting. I took a photo of it and later downloaded it from Amazon and onto the kindle ready for my holiday.

However, I digress, hubby settled down with his Apple Mac to familiarise himself with the recently released update.

A couple of hours in, I remembered my bank card and that I’d taken off my bra and not retrieved it. It hadn’t stuck to me, so I went off to find my bra and it wasn’t there. So the only place it could be was somewhere in the bedroom, except it wasn’t there, nor was it on the floor anywhere.  I checked the suitcases in case it flew out and landed in a pocket. It hadn’t.

I checked under the duvet, under the sheet, and under the pillow, in case it had miraculously lodged there. It hadn’t, either.

Checking the floor again, I looked under the bed. It couldn’t possibly be anywhere else. The toilet, where I had last seen it, was practically two steps away, so it had to be there didn’t. it? I stared at the floor again. The carpet was the same colour the card, so could it be camouflaged?

I walked back up the caravan to ponder over a cup of coffee. As I did, I was telling hubby the story and my hand touched my tummy. It felt hard, oblong, and plastic. My top had an elasticated waist, and the card was lodged at the bottom of it! 

Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 19.27.37

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