How to Draw Anything by Mark Linley

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 13.14.45Description

If you can write your name, you have enough touch to learn to draw. Let Mark Linley inspire you to pick up your pencil and create a magical masterpiece. His positive approach secures quick, accurate results and ever-growing confidence. Learn to look properly and get the basic outlines correct; include the key features but simplify what you see; understand how shading (such as dot stipple or cross-hatching) can transform a sketch; get the eye level right and see how a grid helps with the composition. Whatever you want to draw – a beautiful holiday scene, a lifelike portrait of your family or favourite pet, or even a funny cartoon to illustrate a birthday card, Mark Linley shows, in this new edition of his bestselling book, everything you need to succeed.

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I don’t normally review non-fiction books, but back in January I learned that you don’t have to be born with the ability to draw; it does help and if you are, you’re probably super talented.

I’ve always wanted to draw but never could, so when I found out it was possible to teach yourself, then off I went. I consulted YouTube and eventually moved on to paperbacks. All of them good, and there were three before this one. It’s probably taken the longest time ever for me to read a book because I literally drew everything he suggested. He was correct because I tried my hand at buildings, country scenes, farmhouses, bridges, dogs, cats, people, cartoon characters, cars, and never had so much fun.

I have been posting my drawings on Facebook in an album and will start using The Magic of Stories under the hashtag of #drawing.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn, I would highly recommend this, and here are some drawings from the end of the boo



I copied these cartoon characters and changed them slightly to make my own and coloured them in as all photos of drawings in the book are black and white.


IMG_1385 IMG_1995

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