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Sinner Sid by Jack Kregas

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 19.58.45Description

Sydney Moffitwas despised in some circles. He was viewed as the devil on earth.

Sydney Moffit was a man loved by tens of thousands. He preached and said what everyone
was thinking but too afraid to say.

Sydney Moffit was Sinner Sid. He was an evangelist with a difference. He called himself a Sin Consultant.

He started in tent where seventeen people showed up. The rest is history.

Sinner Sid first appeared in the book of short stories, Tall Tales in 2017.


A very interesting story about how the American campaigning system is. You can just imagine how it works from this story. Not everyone is good, but if you have a gift like Sid, anything is possible and he isn’t a bad person by any means. The story just shows how people will follow if someone like Sid who has a good spin about them.

This is a quick read and interesting read to see how something starts small and becomes more popular by campaigning in different states.

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