Cocktails, Wedding Bells, and Summer Madness.

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Straight laced Rose loves books, swimming and the folk choir. So when her gregarious best friend arrives home from a ten year around the world trip, her safe, comfortable existence is thrown into disarray. Rose is persuaded to take on the role of Matron of Honour, but not for a traditional church wedding as anticipated. The wedding is to take place on a Mediterranean beach in the main holiday season. Rose is promised sun, sea, sand and a rousing good time. But how will she cope with her fear of flying, mosquitoes, men, and anything else which takes her out of her comfort zone? Will she survive a ten day holiday with an over-excited bride to be, a bossy bridesmaid and a moody enigmatic best man? Love, laughter and friendship combine in this dazzling summer romance. Take a dip in the ocean and a relax in the sun with Cocktails, Wedding Bells and Summer Madness.

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Karen’s Magic Review

As I read so many books, I’m trying to make sure I only read ones on Kindle Unlimited now as I seem to have spent a fortune on buying books as well as the monthly subscription. So from now on, I’ll include whether the book is available on KU, as no doubt I will still get tempted by those that aren’t.

Julia Sutton is a new author to me, although we are friends on Facebook. I don’t even know how we met, and we have become acquaintances. She lives in the UK and her book reflects all that is good about this country and feel that the story will appeal to American authors for that reason.

You’ve heard of a book described as Summer Read? Well, this one is exactly that. A wonderful story that is exactly what the title says.

Have you ever watched your friends go off and party and you just want your pyjamas and a good book.? This is Rose who tries to imply she is boring because she doesn’t want what other girls want. I could identify with her and I loved that she still lived with her mum and dad and brother because I could remember those days when I lived at home. Although I didn’t know it as the time, they were magical. Rose has her Gran living with her and I loved her too. The author does a great job with characterisation and it brings the book alive.

A group goes off to Spain for a wedding, drinks, plenty of cocktails, and lots of fun, which is what the madness is. Three men and three women, including our lovely main character Rose. One is the potential bride and groom and the other two also pair off and in a very satisfying way.

This is a great easy-to-read story, thoroughly recommended if you want a feel-good story that doesn’t tax you too much and is a page-turner from start to finish.















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