Historical, Thriller

The Ghost of Grym by Michelle Connor

Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 18.40.52Description

A harsh tale of marital inequality set in Grimsby, England in the Victorian era.

Recently widowed with no children to inherit her husband’s estate Blossom finds herself destitute and thrown into the clutches of a workhouse matron.

Stripped of her clothes and her dignity, she’s forced into servitude. But worse still are the screams she hears in the night and the girls going missing.

Will Blossom’s screams be the last thing she hears?

Karen’s Magic Review

Five things attracted me to this book:-

  1. I’ve never read a Michelle Connor book.
  2. It’s a short story.
  3. It only has four chapters.
  4. The description was intriguying.
  5. It was in Kindle Unlimited.

Michelle Connor wrties fantasy stories and also makes all the covers for her bookk and others. She made Behind Closed Doors for me. More information about her covers are here on the Magic Review site.

Fantasy, vampires and witches, etc are not generally the type of books I read. I do, however, like historialcal stories. The description intrrigued me; Victoria times, Grimsby, England, and the workhouse.

There was a time when I didn’t know what a workhouse was, apart from it being a place the poor went to live when they were destitue. I’d not known then what a cruel and degrading places they were. People were blaned and punished for their curcumstances.

In this storyl the description of the workhouse was eerie, shocking and frightening. It had atmosphere, just a small window into the dark cruel world. The character were well drawn and rounded. For a short tale it told so much and the brief glimpse into the a dark past was enought to tell you everything you need to know about 1800s England.

Highly recommended!

Other books by Michelle Connor

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