Erotica, Romance

Virginal Valentine by Barbra Campbell

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I vowed not to tolerate social media tackiness from my co-workers at the hospital any longer, even if it meant having almost no friends.

So when the doctor of my dreams was super sweet to me, I doubted he was sincere. But the more he accepted my virginal ways, the more I trusted him… until he sent dick pics to one of my frenemies.

If he was no different than any other guy, why couldn’t I get the picture out of my head? There was only one right answer… report him to the HR department. And under no circumstances would I leave the forwarded offending picture on my phone. And I definitely wouldn’t fantasize about the picture and wonder… well, never mind.

I just had to keep reminding myself I don’t fall for sexist jerks.

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Karen’s Magic Review

I came across this on a group call Author Assist Showcase run by author Karina Kantas. I find some good books there.

I saw this one and although I don’t read these type of books often, now again I do, and it caught my eye. I liked the description, then saw it was on Kindle Unlimited. The next thing that swung was it was a short read. I read it over two days.

As my currant read had come to a bridge in the story line, I thought I’d give this a go before going back to that one.

It turned out more enjoyable than I thought it would be. Misunderstanding can ruin relationships and it nearly did in this book. When working over ten years ago now, I was shown a picture on someone’s phone of exactly what caused the trouble in this story. It was shown about as a joke and many people thought it funny. It was quite shocking. I’d been brought up in world before social media. Today, I imagine it happens often and people aren’t surprised or shocked any more. Missy, the heroine in the story, was shocked, not because she was a prude, but she hadn’t expected it of her boyfriend. I enjoyed reading the way it unfolded and could see the misunderstanding mounting up.

I thought was going to be just a sex romp. It turned out to be so much more. A good storyline, with good characters, and a damn good choice by me!

Check it out!

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