I know it’s Wrong, but…

Is it wrong, though? What do you think?

This is about free books, an and experiment I did recently.

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Karen J. Mossman

By Karen J Mossman

A couple of years ago I supported a campaign called Our Books Are Not Free! Something I truly believed in.

Amazon take such a big chunk of royalty and on average I may earn about £6 a month, and on an extremely good month sell 10 books.

I’ve been publishing since 2014, and in that time have learnt a lot about the craft of writing and marketing of books. However, like most writers I’m just one person. Once the hard work of writing and editing is done, the marketing starts. You have to promote your book regularly and often.

During that time I’ve become involved in other things which also take time to market. Then of course, there is a the little matter of every day life, and it is impossible to do it all and to keep up the momemtum.

In 2019 I sold eighty eight…

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