Paranormal, Romance

Footprints in the Sand by Ian G. Welch

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 18.26.40Description

Scarlett has awoken in hospital, she has no memory of the accident, no recollection of events leading up to it. But she remembers Travis – or is he a mere figment of her imagination?

Makayla thinks so. Strange things, unexplainable happenings begin to torment Scarlett. Is she losing her mind? Others, including Makayla, suspect this is so. But her vision of Travis is unequivocal, he must be real, he is real. Is Scarlett the only one who believes this?


Supernatural collides with reality. Travis exists, Scarlett knows this. She has seen the evidence with her own eyes, she has felt his presence, she has held his hand. Why does everyone doubt her? If only she could remember the accident, and why would she be riding a horse like Makayla said? She hates horses.

Scarlett awakes from a coma with no memory of the accident. She has no recollection of events leading up to it, but she does remember Travis.

“He’s not real.” Everyone, including her best friend Makayla, is telling her. He’s just a hallucination, a figment of Scarlett’s imagination. But Scarlett knows different, she has felt his presence, she has seen the evidence. Something strange is happening, Scarlett can’t explain it, but she has seen with her own eyes, she knows Travis was with her on the beach. He is real, why can’t the others accept this?

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