Do Middle-Aged Woman Become Invisible? Guest interview Toni Kief — A Little Bit of Blake

These are two of my favourite writers! I couldn’t reisist reblogging this absolutely great interview. In  parts it made me laugh because Toni Kief is a great character, she often cheers me up with her posts, comments and writing.

Julia Blake, is a very gifted writer and she has just started this new blog. Previously she wrote Facebook posts with acompanying photos. When I saw she had posted, I always wanted to read what she had to say because it I knew it would be entertaining. Now I’m thrilled she has started blogging properly. So do go over and follow her as you will enjoy what she has to say.

I’ve also read some of her books, they are clever and all different. You can see the reviews on Karen Book Buzz Blog.

Lost and Found
Fixtures and Fittings

Gosh, its not until I’ve listed them I’ve realised how many I’ve read. My favourite? It has to be Lost and Found closely followed by Fixture and Fittings, or maybe the other way round!

Do women become invisible as they get older? That is certainly the opinion of this week’s guest the fabulously funny author, Toni Kief. Author of five independently published books, she made a conscious decision to have her heroines buck the trend and consequently they are smart, opinionated, determined and are definitely what would be termed […]

Be sure to follow Julia’s blog and read this fascinating interview.


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