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Where Rivers Meet by P. J. Roscoe

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Abigail Lloyd is a talented, grief-stricken young artist who returns to the Welsh village where she had spent many happy years with her beloved Nan. A home where she had always felt loved and safe. A place she hoped to begin her life again and find her own destiny; but on her return, she finds secrets that were long forgotten locked away in an old suitcase. Secrets from her childhood that will push her beliefs to the limit.

Cain is in love with a woman he knows he can never possess. He has watched her grow into a beautiful young woman, but in his harsh world, he knows she would never survive. He never questions the dark tunnel that allows him glimpses of another time, because it leads him to her. It is their destiny to meet.

Set amongst the Welsh mountains and the ruthless reality of the 19th century copper mines where life is in the hands of the elements and injury, and starvation and death are stark reminders of the time.

Karen’s Magic Review

I was so lucky to win this book. I’d read one of the authors other books, Three and reviewed it, so knew she could write a good story.

This book only came out on the 23rd April and the competition ran before it went live. So I was pleased to be one of the first to read it.

I was immediately drawn to the beautiful cover. Then once I had read the description, I was sold. I was going to buy this book come what may. So what a thrill to win a kindle copy.

Where Rivers Meet is one of those books where you feel a bit bereft because you have reached the end. Yes, the story is that good, and as it reached the end , it rose to a climax the more I needed to read it.

It started out as bedtime reading, a chapter a night, then as I got past the middle, the household chores stopped as I kept picking it up to read the next bit.

One of the most interesting things about the storyline was the setting. Beddgelert is not that far from where I live, but I haven’t visited for many years. The place plays a crucial part as the characters move around the village, across the river, to the mines and to the pubs.

The cottage where the main character was living sounds utterly charming and the thing that came from this is that I want to go back.

I want to walk in the footsteps of the characters, I want to feel that charm for myself, experience the magic of the place. Yes, I remember it being lovely and I have visited the grave of Gelert, the dog mentioned in the story. This time, I would be thinking of Abbie, Cain, Daniel and all the other characters. So watch this space, I will report back with some thoughts and photographs.

No spoilers, but as the book drew to a close, I began to wonder whether Abbie would realise someone in the village had the same last name as Cain, and maybe find out he is an ancestor. All sorts of possibilities run through your mind as you try and second guess how a book will end.

I so hoped she would get together with a certain somebody, but was wrong.

Stories often do things you don’t expect and its fun when the end is different to what you imagined.

If you love romance, and you love descriptive, beautiful places, you will love this book. It is a paranormal romance, but I would also call it time travel too, because that is so fascinating, just like this book!

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