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Meet the Characters by Carole Parkes

This is a different way to view a book, as you don’t get to meet the victims of a serial killer before you read the the book, do you!

Original post is here, and well worth a look.

Your Last Breath

Author -Carole Parkes


A unique opportunity to meet the characters from the shocking, gripping, and suspenseful thriller

‘Your Last Breath’

Your Last Breath’ is far more than just another who-done-it murder story. From the start you know who is committing the murders. What adds to the intense suspense, are all the other characters involved with each murder victim, and some of their own stories.

To begin with, let’s start with the serial killer’s victims. There are five in total, but two other females also came close to becoming his prey.


In truth, Valerie wasn’t really a victim. Her beloved husband, Justin, had died and she was finding life a struggle without him.  She wanted to commit suicide but was afraid if she did it herself, she wouldn’t get to heaven where she was sure she’d find Justin. With this in mind, Valerie…

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