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Learning Draft2Digital

This site seems to have gone from strength to strength recently. Uploading your book is fairly straight forward, but the magic begins when your book is published..

All books now have their own page, and by clicking on the title in the main dashboard brings up this.

In here you can see that your book as fully published and where at. On the bottom left, you can download a copy or a sample of your book.

The view above is the Ebook tab, and you can make any adjusts to your book here including changing the price when you want to do a promotion.

The next tab, the orange print book allows you to download a PDF copy and even select what book size you want. You can use it to publish with them or elsewhere. Your choice.

The red tab is to turn your book into an audio. I haven’t used this option yet, and would be interested to hear from anyone who has.

Finally, the promotion tab. This is where it gets interesting and clever. Firstly, we will visit the book tab, shown in as pale blue in the centre of the photo above.

This is the books landing page and you can edit this page. The pink bit where it says Get it Now will scrolls to reveal your books description.

The carousel in the centre, which shows my books, can be changed to reveal all your books, or some of them. Then further down, about the author is your bio.

Switch to edit mode, which you will see is at the top of the page.  The Get it Now in the middle has a little black tab on it, click on it to see the options.

There is a drop down box above the carousel. Have a look at that and make a selection..

Now we got to the Edit UBL the green tab underneth the pale blue one in the centre. This tab is does lots of things.

Straight away you can see how many people have clicked your link. On the left hand side, where it says link tools, you can change the name of your link to that of your book. Your book is link is under the image and I have already changed mine. At the bottom it says affiliate links, you can copy and paste a code in here, again something I haven’t used and don’t know where to find them. If you have, please let me know, so I can include it.

These are all the links it has found by scanning or automatically publishing to them. You can rescan at any time for links by using the button on the left column.

D2D doesn’t publish to Smashwords or Google Play Books, so if you have books there, or in another place, you can copy and paste the link into here.

So any places you have books, you will only need the one link.

Profile and Bio

Go to your Account and select Contributer Profiles. Here you can fill in your bio and that will appear on your book pages. I suggest you look at each of the options in this selection.

Another Useful Place

When you are on your book page and select Visit Book Tab, you will see see Back to Dashboard on the top left.

Open it and you will see this:

It is a complete list of all your books with a report on how many people have clicked on the link. You can also go to each of your books tabs from here.

There are still things I have yet to learn and this is what I have found so far. As I discover new things, I will add it here to help you too.

3 thoughts on “Learning Draft2Digital”

  1. I tried to use D2D, but the site is not very accessible for screen reader users. I contacted support about this, so I’m waiting for an update to their site. I’ll contact them again after the first of the year and let them know how serious I am about publishing my books on their platform.


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