The Millennium

by Karen J Mossman

Here is a bunch of sweet peas from my garden. They sit in a cup, only it’s not an ordinary cup. This was made for the Millennium. I remember all the hype at the time and how we should have or make a momemto to celebrate the new century.

My cross stitch magazines were full of commissioned designs for us to make and mark the occasion. I rebelled. I wasn’t going to conform and do what they said.

I remember the lead up and thinking how when the millennium does come, I would have a 16 year daughter and a 14 year old son. It seemed amazing.

Nothing happened when our electrical/digital counters turned, either. The world didn’t ended so many predicted!

I wish now I had cross stitched something special as a keepsake. Instead I have this cup now which I inherited from my parents.

It’s special. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of them, and a time when we were a family of four and I was a full time mum.

What are your memories from 2000 and do you have a momento?

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