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Your Facebook Pages – How To Get The Best Out of Them

I’ve have been exploring Facebook Pages recently and it’s surprising how much you can discover by just looking around. I don’t know all the answers but want to share what I’ve found and suggest how to get the most out of our business pages.

If there is something you have learnt that I haven’t covered, please add it into the comments.

The more we share, the more we learn, and that benefits all of us.

As author’s we bemoan Facebook because they don’t show all posts to everyone who has liked our page. But think about it, if all the friends on our timeline, and all the pages we’ve liked fill our news feed, it would be too much to cope with.

Did you know there is a dedicated Pages Feed?

That’s where your page updates appear. You’ll find it on the left of your screen at the bottom of the list.

“When I looked around, I realised my page fell down on many aspects it was only by looking at other people’s pages, I knew what I wanted.”

In your page settings, you can select the tabs you want to show and in what order.

Here are the main ones:

Home – This is where you land and shows the main feed. Have a look at the dates, do they post often? Are they still active? If it’s your page, you should be.

About – Is it up to date? Does it show a bit about you and information on your books/products? Does it say clearly what the page is about?

Posts – This is possibly the same as home but could also contain visitor posts too.

Photo’s – It’s easy to just to post a picture, but much better to have named albums to navigate and look through.

Event’s – Most of the time this is empty, but I came across a page that had lots going on. So why not create an event? There is no reason why not, get people to your page and have a bit of fun for a day.

Goodreads – if you are a Goodreads author, then readers can connect with you here and see all your books in one place.

Twitter – Here is where your Twitter feed shows your last tweets.

Videos – all your book trailers, or anything you have uploaded appear altogether here.

Autograph – you can set up so that readers can request autographed copies of your books.

Groups – does your page have a connected group? This is where you can hold your events for instance.

Offers – discounts or special readers offers can be listed here.

Community – This is where visitors post appear, so encourage people to post on your page, too.

Info and Ads – Any active adverts are here and also any changes to your page, for instance I changed the name of my page recently. You can also see when the page was created.

Reviews – encourage readers to review your page or your books/products here.

Giveaway – You can run a giveaway, but I haven’t worked out how to do that as there seems to be no way of putting on anything new. Can you help with this?

Newsletter / Email sign up – have readers sign up to getting updates from you. Can anyone advise where this is? I haven’t found it to add to mine.

Shop – your shop front for your books/products.

I hope you find this helpful and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, or what you have discovered.

Come and join my Facebook Page.

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