Various Subjects, an Old Book of Local History

by Charles Henry Stott

Charles Stott was my great, great-grandfather and he wrote a book which was passed through the family and finally ended up with me. Many of the articles it contains are fascinating because he is a social history buff and an observer of life in the late 1800s. The writing style is very different from today, and so is his outlook on society.

I think he may have been termed as a travel writer. Providing his articles to a newspaper called The Oldham Express. Why there, we will never know as Oldham is about fifteen to twenty miles from where he lived in the then affluent area of Whaley Range in Manchester.

I’ve copied many of the articles onto this blog, just how he wrote them to keep the style, which can be a little tedious at times. But if you sift through it, there are some interesting observations of the mind set of 19th century man.

Look for the tags #localhistory

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