Both Gone

In August 2010, life because sureal as we were faced with something that could never be changed

What made it all the more complicated was that Mum and Dad were foster parents. Living at home they had three teenagers, one of which was severly disabled and two babies under the age of two. Social Services removed the babies at Mum’s request as she and dad were ill. When they passed away, we not only had to clear and sell the house, we had to provide homes for all the children. It wasn’t an easy task while we were all in shock and grieving .

This is the story of what happened.

On the 19th August 2010
An ambulance came for mum
Later that day, Dad was taken in
A month of visits had begun

In February of that year
Dad’s eyes turned yellow
No one voiced their fear
As he was relaxed and mellow

After two hospital stays
None of us knew what was wrong
We carried on our normal days
Not knowing t’was his swan song

During my frequent visits to them
I noticed Dad was getting thin
From fifteen stone down to ten
Mum was worried about him

His teeth became too big for his face
His eyes just hollowed out
He was skin and bone, gone to waste
Shocking to see this turnabout

Mum said little, not voicing her fears
Phone calls to her sister were shared
I didn’t know of her secret tears
Or from us the hurt she spared

 Dad smiles always greeted me
He didn’t even acknowledge
What it was I could see
He was such a man of courage

There was a suggestion of cancer
An operation was to follow
Upon further investigation
It just was not possible

He was so poorly when they came
Mum couldn’t bear to be apart
As illness struck her at the same time
The hurt and fear broke my heart

If Dad’s scan showed up clear
They would let him go home
And there were so many tears
When I returned alone

I broke the news to mum
She knew it as she slept
Dad had a few days and some
And at home we all wept

With heavy heart I wanted to cry
My tears I tried to mask
I hugged him as I said goodbye
Not knowing it was to be the last

On September 2nd he passed away
Mum from then went down hill
Always knowing she couldn’t stay
A strong lady, who knew her own will

It was a stroke that did her harm
Although it only played a part
She shortly followed him home
And died of a broken heart.


8 thoughts on “Both Gone”

  1. This is incredibly touching. Losing my mum & dad was the worst ever, but at least there was 16 years between each dreadful event. How magical that you have written a tribute to your dad in poetry. Thank you


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