Only Words by K. A. Neeson

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Only Words, Quotes, Blogs, Posts, Short Stories, And Fiction Fun Is A Compilation Of K.A. Neeson’s Writing Featuring Mental Health And Humorist Approach To Writing About her own Mental Health Issues- From Beautiful Scenery To Positive Affirmations,
K.A.’s Take On Fiction Fun And Her Many Twisted Humor Segments, As Well As Other Featured Artists K.A. Has Met Along Her Creative Journey.A Fun Read And An Interesting Flashback Of Social Media Writing That Showcases How Diverse K.A. Neeson’s Writing Is.

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I admit this is not the most exciting cover I’ve ever seen and the title is quite long. But, I must say it’s one of those books that does exactly what says on the cover.

If you suffer from mental health, anxiety, OCD, GAD, etc, then you should relate to this.  I don’t suffer from any of those, yet I still enjoyed it. It does help raise awareness of important issues and we need to do this. So any shares of this would be appreciated.

It is not a serious book and yet deals with serious issues. I liked it because it was in bite size chunks and a bit different from my usual read. The author uses her pearls of wisdom directly from her Facebook posts on Facebook. They are uplifting, interesting and informative.

There was a small collection of short fiction, blog posts, and the author has a unique style, because they are fun and amusing. Often, its hard to tell which are the true stories and which are made up!

K A Neeson has worked for Stars PA, who promote for me, so I have come across her there. Via Stars, the word came through that she was writing a book and if anyone wanted to submit a maximum of 500 words about their writing, then send it within 24 hours.

That’s some deadline, I thought it might be fun even though I had no idea what to write about or what the actual book would be about. I literally had to force myself to sit down and write it. With a few hours to spare (and time zone differences) I submitted it and heard nothing more.

Some weeks later, I heard she had a new book out and downloaded it, then forgot about it again. Just the other day I was looking for something to read and there it was. By now I wasn’t sure if this was the book I had submitted for and couldn’t recall what I had written anyway.

Towards the end, she said a bunch of her author friends had contributed,  and suddenly there was my piece. It had been polished and I must admit, it shone. I felt quite proud of myself. It was a blog piece about how I began writing. There were also snippets on a a variety of subjects from different authors, all of them fascinating to read.

So if you want to try something different, something quirky, and unique, then this is it.

There are many reasons you should give this book a go and if you do, come back her and tell me about it.

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