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Bernie and the Beast DM Wolfenden

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 10.43.13Genre: Thriller/Mystery


Haunted by his latest visions of a girl with green eyes, can Bernie tame the Beast before it’s too late? Before it kills again?


Karen’s Magic Review

I haven’t read any of DM Wolfenden books before and she has six, including several shorter reads. Bernie and the Beast instantly caught my eye. Bernie can be a girl’s name, and the girl on the cover made me assume it was a Beauty and the Beast type story. I downloaded it before reading the description!

How wrong was I! Bernie was a male, and not a particularly likeable one. He was having visions and the author’s style of writing and descriptions instantly drew me in. Bernie visited run down pubs in the north of England and having been in similar ones, I could identify with the description. It was very authentic and the storyline intriguing.

Bernie was fascinating to observe however, the reader will guess what the visions are, and it doesn’t matter, the getting there kept me reading every page. I wasn’t wrong and by the time I reached the end of this great short read it was extremely satisfactory. I wanted to devour every word – a bit like Bernie really!

Well written and well worth downloading, especially if you love books, but don’t have much time to read.

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