Lost and Found by Julia Blake

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.26.05Genre: Romance/Suspense/Thriller


Arianna Santorini has had a hard life. Abandoned by her husband, left alone to raise their child for six long years, she’s made the best of things.

Then, she meets Luke Blackwood. Initially, he seems perfect, strong, kind, understanding and loving, everything she could possibly want.

But, Luke has a secret, he’s rich, very rich, and Arianna has a deep-seated prejudice against wealthy men, believing it turns them into men like her husband, manipulative, arrogant, bullies.

When she finds out the truth about Luke, her first response is to send him away, harden her heart to what might have been.

Then the worst thing that can happen to a parent happens to Arianna, and the one person who can help her is the one she’s vowed never to see again.

Sometimes, you have to lose everything, to find what’s really important…

A fast-paced, punchy, rollercoaster of a read, Lost & Found is one story you won’t forget in a hurry.


Is it a Series? Yes, at the end of the book it says there is going to be a series featuring the Blackwood men.

Is it easy to Read?


Karen’s Magic Review

This author only recently came on to my Facebook radar when I saw an update saying she had published her book today. She seemed genuinely surprised when so many people congratulated her. She was touched by the interest people had shown and hadn’t even mentioned the name of the book. Only when I asked did she post a link.

I went straight onto Amazon to have a look and was met with the description above. I couldn’t resist downloading it, as it sounded very much like the stories I enjoy reading.

There was a beautiful heroine, a handsome hero and some great supporting characters. The story line was intriguing and as the hero, Luke, who ran an agency for rescuing abducted children. You knew exactly where the story would go. It is the getting there that’s important. So, you’ve already guessed what the ending will be, so will the ride be worthwhile?

By heck yes! The author writes so well that I loved the getting there. I enjoyed the viewpoints of main characters and Luke Blackwood is certainly a great book boyfriend. At times I became Arianna as her eyes travelled the length of him stopping with her at places of interest. A strong masculine lead is enough to get readers hearts beating and mine certainly did.

As the book drew to an enjoyable, if not predictable conclusion, I was wondering why my Kindle was saying there was a lot more to read. Afterall, the hero had come to the rescue, lovers were reunited and all that, what more was there to say? – I’m not telling you, that would be a spoiler! I didn’t expect my heart to be in my mouth with butterflies in my stomach as I groaned,  nooooo……

I was a car passenger as I read the ending, and you know those moments where you completely disappear in a book, you see nothing, you hear nothing and you’re just there in the moment. This was exactly that.

I was sure there was something more about Isabella, the sister in law, and I could only make a guess. The last few pages, I didn’t get the significance of. Had I had missed something? I re-read it but still didn’t pick it up.  It was only then I realised this was going to be a series, and those answers would probably come later. A bit like a carrot on a stick, really.

I shall look forward to the next one and even though I am not a lover of series, certain ones, you really have no choice, do you?

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