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Loving Her to Infinity by Jennifer Jo Fay

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 14.47.57Genre: Romance/Suspense/Erotica


Eliza Moore, jewelry maker, falls for Jim Davenport, man of mystery. Their sordid pasts have come back to haunt in the form of Jim’s psycho ex-girlfriend, Xenia and the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Eliza’s husband, Maury.
Eliza’s heart wants to move on, but the present incidents threaten new love.

Is it a Series?

No, not that I’m aware of.

Is it Easy to Read?


Karen’s Magic Review

I do sometimes like to read a bit of erotica, just occasionally,  and quite often I’m disappointed because I like a good story and good sex is not a good story. So when I downloaded this book, I didn’t expect much of a storyline and I certainly didn’t expect a romantic suspense one.

The first couple of pages, I just thought I was reading about a sleazy guy who looks down the tops of women’s blouses and enters a fantasy world of what he would like to do. I was wrong. Jim wasn’t a sleazy guy, and who knows what goes on in the head of a full-bloodied male?

Eliza was a girl Jim had spotted on the train and she was as hot-bloodied as he was. Their thoughts about each other were very explicit, tantalisingly so. She had secrets and there was a closed attic door that she constantly referred to making the reader wonder what was behind it.

Then there was Jim, who also had a secret and we soon learnt that it was about their previous relationships. Nothing was as simple as just that, and it wasn’t what I expected.

Towards the end, the action stepped up as the story came together. There were a lot of coincidences in this book, but there was something about the way it was written. I found it really intriguing. The relationship between the two main characters was fascinating.

I’m a dog lover and the main character had a big dog for a pet. I did find it slightly strange as there was never any reference to Eliza returning home and letting the dog out. This would be one of the first things a dog owner would do, but it was never mentioned. I even began to wonder if the dog had a litter tray! Although it’s probably just assumed, I felt it should have been referred to as, for me,  it took the focus away from the story slightly.

A good book and a good read.

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