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The Devil’s Work by Mark Edwards

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-15-46-55What is the book about?

It’s about Sophie who gets her dream job with a publisher. But strange things happen at the office and this unnerves and unsettles her. Then it spills over into her home life.

Is is a Series?


How easy is it to read?

Easy reading.

Karen’s Magic Review

I was lucky enough to win an advanced copy of this book and I enjoyed it so much that I read it within three days. Mark Edwards has a way with words; he has a way of cranking up the tension notch by notch.

Sophie is the new girl in a publishing company. Jackdaw Publications is her dream job, a place she has wanted to work at for a very long time. Not wanting to spoil anything, she keeps quiet about her association with the granddaughter of the owner.

Her predecessor had mysteriously  gone missing, and Sophie doesn’t trust one of the girls in the office. Strange things happen, someone is fired for sending explicit emails although he insists he didn’t do it. Then Sophie’s husband ‘s Twitter account is hacked, and the tweet gets him suspended from his job. The mysterious owner makes Sophie nervous and she’s glad she didn’t tell him about going to university with his granddaughter.

Two stories run together, which I thought was clever. Sophie at university and 15 years later, married with a child and embarking on a new job. Past and present collide in this great thriller that kept me guessing. I didn’t guess who was behind it or why and was hanging on every word to the very last page.

What I liked Best

It’s a page turner, one of those books that you can’t put down because you really need to know what happens next. Having worked in an office I could associate with a lot of what was said and could well imagine what it was like working there. I didn’t guess who it actually was, which is a bonus, but I did guess who is wasn’t and when I heard their story, I thought it quite moving and wanted to go back with the main character and make amends. That was clever writing.


And the Rest

I’ve read Mark’s work before and he’s great suspense/thriller writer. I also belong to his Facebook fan page where he has over a 1,000 fans. He often holds competitions and I was lucky enough to be chosen to win an advanced copy of this book.

When it came, I was disappointed to find that I had to join Netgalley to get it. This is a site that many readers use and can get books before they are published by agreeing, I believe,  to write a review. For an author, it does cost, but it can be a good place to get your book noticed.

The email gave me instructions on how to sign up and select it and I personally found it a bit complicated. I was just expecting a mobi copy of the book. So I emailed Mark to say I was disappointed and didn’t want to join Netgalley. He replied apologising, saying he didn’t have any copies to give out, and the publisher preferred to do it this way.

That, I thought was that, but later he emailed me with a mobi copy, which I was able to send directly to my kindle. I was really pleased that he remembered and took the trouble to send it to me.

The launch for this book is happening 13th September at 6pm UK time and will go on for about three hours. If you haven’t attended one of his book launches then I highly recommend it. Here is the link.

I attended the launch for Follow You Home, another great thriller by him, and it was a really good party with some fab prizes and basically a lot of fun. I enjoyed it so much I wrote about and you can read that here.


Amazon UK

Amazon US

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