Life on an Island

On Mondays, we, that being hubby and me, try to get out and explore our new island home.

This Monday we went out to lunch at Red Wharf Bay, and I’d seen The Ship Inn advertised on Social Media, so we thought we would visit.

It’s a historical pub going back to the 18th century. We sat outside because it was a beautiful day, not sunny, but with a warm breeze and light coloured clouds. The food was delicious; I had a steak and onion sandwich, with chips and salad. Hubby had the same with a crab sandwich instead.

I couldn’t resist looking inside and wasn’t disappointed. There were oak beams, white-washed walls, stone floors, and wooden furniture. It was like walking back in time. Charming in every sense of the word. Follow the link above to learn more about it.



We then went for a walk around and the tide was in splashing up against the sides. The breeze had picked up, and the dog loved the grassy walkways, sniffing her way through and stopping to do what dogs do. The children had gone back to school and the people walking around were our age, all older. It was peaceful and everyone smiled and acknowledged each other.

Back in the car, we drove over to Benllech Bay, and you’ll see from the link how beautiful the sands and beach are. The tide was right in exposing just a small patch of sand and on the promenade, it splashed up against the wall. It reminded me of being a child and the excitement of getting wet when the waves spilled over us.


It’s lovely to see the water bouncing about and unfortunately, dogs were not allowed on the beach until the end of September, so we watched from the promenade and said we would come back at the end of the month.

We drove over to Moelfre, a little cove with a lifeboat station. It’s a winding road to the front was full of cottages and reminded me of the beauty of Cornish coastlines.

We finished at Cemaes Bay another pretty harbour. We bought an ice cream and wandered down the front promenade which had been much improved over the years. They even had a bell on the beach and when the tide is in and splashes against it, it rings out. As you can see, the sun came out, and we walked on the beach finishing our day beautifully.


7 thoughts on “Life on an Island”

    1. The waitress came passed us carrying a tray of fish and chips and the fish in batter curled upwards. If the chips were anything like ours, we’re going back ourselves!


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