Post Apocolyptic, Thriller

Haze by Brandon J Barnard

unnamed-2Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Science Fiction


Haze is the story of Jack Decker, an art school dropout who has to face his repressed memories in a post-apocalyptic London.

It was just another workday when he saw that girl wanting to stuff her face with doughnuts from across the room.
Who knew that this event would start it all.


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A sheet of sand as far as the eye could see on one side of the landscape, perfectly clear water on the other. Jack Decker rested somewhere in-between. The water inhaling and exhaling across the lower half of his torso, the hot sun in conjunction with small grains of rock and seashell heating up the other. The expansive landscape made him feel small and insignificant, but rather than this upsetting him and making him feel worthless it made him feel at ease. Looking straight up at the sky he couldn’t help but think of what he, or rather mankind as a whole was missing out on. The feeling of a cool breeze blowing across the hair, the tingling sensation of heat penetrating the skin, this all was too much. Jack felt a sudden urge to pull off the remainder of his clothes and fully embrace the water, why not he thought. He was perfectly alone in this world, nobody to impress, no pride to sustain and no integrity to uphold. After a week of bowing down to society, he was finally reimbursed, his reward?


Pulling off a pair of orange trunks and stretching outside the water he finally caved into self-sustained pressure and nosedived in. Now in the colourless drink, with feet unable to touch the floor he swam. He swam and he swam and he swam, even though his arms and legs were about to give in he didn’t give up. Until at last, he sank. From intense warmth to intense cold he kept plunging down till he hit the bottom, a puff of sand hanging in the water due to the impact. A complete and utter blackness crept into frame and surrounded him, an agglomeration of voices called to him from the bottom of the vast and endless depths. It sounded simultaneously alien and familiar at the same time.

About the Author

Brandon is a South African writer who lives in the United Kingdom. He was born on the 9th of January.

He is a big fan of anime/manga, sweet tea/coffee, tinkering on the piano, collecting stuff, writing, reading and painting. Brandon dislikes onions and sleeps around 4 to 5 hours per night.

His whole life revolves around graphs for efficiency sake. This means that he has all future events planned out, and is unlikely to ever forget a date or project.



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