Stumbling Backasswards Into the Light by Jay Norry

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 12.33.49What is the book About?

It’s about a young man who hits rock bottom and on the verge of suicide. He is rescued by another man who looks after him and teaches him the real meaning of life.

Is It A Series?



How Easy Was the Book to Read?

Easy to read.


Karen’s Magic Review

The author was after a review for this book and as he had done some book promoting for me, I agreed. I found the story very deep as the young man’s life is examined in detail as he is given the tools to review life in general. He is shown how to understand it, enjoy it and see things through new eyes. It was an inspiring read.

What I liked best:

Jay Norry is a good writer. I have read one of his short stories before, so when agreeing to read this, I knew that whatever the story was about, I would be able to enjoy quality writing. He painted a great picture with his words and I felt as if I was in the cave too and comfortable, just as the young man was. The author described his friend with such warmth that I found him endearing and wished I could meet him too. I particularly liked the names they used for each other, it just seemed perfectly given the circumstances.

The bit I liked best was the meeting at the end of book. It was clever the way it turned the story around.

And The Rest:

If anything I felt the title of this book put me off reading it as it didn’t inspire me, but having said that I am glad I saw passed that and enjoyed reading something that was different to my usual read. Its a well written story, even though I found some of it a little deep and although I liked the twist at the end, I didn’t really, fully understand what had happened.

However, it is a nice quick read that is certainly worth delving into into when you are looking into something a little different.

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