Fantasy, Young Adult/Teen

My Life Hereafter by Lynette Ferreira

HereafterWhat is the book About?

It’s the story on Sunel who is on a bus with her class mates when it topples over a bridge and lands in a river. They all realise they are. in heaven.

Is It A Series?


How Easy Was the Book to Read?

Nice easy style of writing by the author.

Karen’s Magic Review

The opening chapter is very gripping. Written in the first person, Sunel does a lot of soul searching when she finds herself in heaven and having to work out which room she should be in. Is she a bad person or a good person? The seven deadly sins are talked about and it certainly gives the reader food for though

What I liked best:

I really liked the main character with her crazy name. It’s her mum and dad’s name put together. She has this little voice on her shoulder whom she calls her little man. He seems to get her in trouble. It’s that little voice in our head that sometimes warns us or goads us to do things we don’t want. Lynette Ferreira made him seem real and he was amusing.

Heaven, the author created was fascinating to read and there is such a great mix of characters. I’m not giving any spoilers, but the middle and end of the book are terrific, just really enjoyable and imaginative.

And The Rest:

The character David, I feel should be mentioned earlier. The author did point this out to me and I agree with her. When he came into the story, the characters knew him, but to the reader he was a stranger, so it all seemed slightly odd. I believe that the author is going to change it slightly and it will only make a good story even better.

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