Post Apocolyptic

After Oil by Kristen Cannon

untitledWhat is the book About?

It’s a story about what happens when everything stops and people have to fend for themselves. A post apocalypse story of survival.

Is It A Series?

Yes, The Last Iron Horse is the 2nd and there a 3rd one on the way.

How Easy Was the Book to Read?

Fairly easy, although you have to pay attention at times.

Karen’s Magic Review

This was a great story of people surviving. In Canada they have severe and cold winters. Suddenly the electricity goes off right in the middle of one. No one knows what is happening as civilisation starts to breakdown. Some people can’t survive the harsh winter, but others can. The main characters are family and close friends, they are the lucky ones as they build their own community. It is not without its problems and they don’t know what has happened in the outside wold, and who, if anybody else survived. There are several missions to look for other people and like all good stories, its fraught with danger. An excellent read and the scary thing is, it could one day happen.

What I liked best:

Kristan Cannon is very good with description and dialogue. At times I felt like a was watching a movie play in my head. She clearly knew her own area and was good at explaining what that was like, because by the end of the story I felt like I knew it too. One of the best bits for me was the ending. I’m not going to give you a spoiler and its only a paragraph if that, but it brought a smile to my face.

And The Rest:

It is very complex having so many main characters and Kristan did it quite well. Even so, I did find myself getting a little mixed up at times. And there were paragraph breaks and I hadn’t realised that we had moved on to another set of characters and found myself having to go back and re-read.

I would also have liked it to be a little clearer at times as to who was speaking. The sentence would finish with she said or he said, and I wasn’t sure who exactly that was.

Having said that, it is just my opinion and you as a reader may find it easier. I would still highly recommend this as a good read.

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