The Super Easy Guide for Twitter Newbies by Suzi Albracht

410QIel+d8L._SS300_What is the book About?

It’s about getting to know Twitter and making it work for you, if you are serious about getting lots of followers.

Is It A Series?

No, not that I am aware of.

How Easy Was the Book to Read?

Very easy, for an instruction book.

Karen’s Magic Review

Wow, I loved this! It’s an informative little read, telling me things I’d not realised about Twitter. The author has some great ideas and they have clearly worked for her and hopefully they will for me. I can’t wait to start putting them in place.

It’s an instruction book, but easy to understand. Although there was one place I had to read a couple of times and when I got it, it was just another great idea.

What I liked best:

I found that I loved making the photo cards that she suggested. They were fun to do. I don’t have any fancy editing programmes, just my Mac book, Power Point and screen shots to make them into j-pgs.

It also gave me ideas of my own, using the authors as a starting point. And, it will be so much fun implementing it.

And The Rest

The only think it didn’t cover which I was particularly interested to learn was hashtags. They weren’t part of the extras included, but what you did get, was well worth it.

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, here I am.

UK Amazon

US Amazon


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