When Things Go Wrong

Some things are just too humiliating, but after the supportive reaction I had on Facebook with my family and friends, I thought I would be brave and share this here as well.

In our new house one of the best things is our lovely shower cubicle. So I got up in the morning, did my ablutions and realised the contents of the toilet hadn’t gone down. Mortifying. So I flushed again and again and it wouldn’t disappear.

I had to tell my husband and he called the insurance company who send Dyn-a-rod. 

I hid.

It seemed the from drain was blocked and we could see water coming up through it. Luckily it wasn’t sewage.

As I hid in the office and let hubby take care of things, I actually, believe it or not heard the engineer say that he had to take a photograph of the toilet. WTF?!! Pardon my French, but really?

Have you ever seen those programmes where men clear drains for a living? It was just like that, hubby said, when they opened the grid.

They cleared it and the toilet flushed, but the grid started overflowing again the following week. Now they are sending someone else to do an investigation because it is possible the drain has collapsed somewhere along the drive.

More unfortunately when hubby was sorting out insurances, we had two, and one was more expensive that the other, so he cancelled it. We now think that was the one that would have covered us for drain work.

At the same time, our phone line had a fault on it, which meant the broadband wouldn’t work and we had no wifi. Very difficult to do anything online using just our phone data.

BT engineers came today and were able to fix and we are up and running again, thank goodness.

Tomorrow the inspector is coming our to see where and how the drain is damaged and more importantly to tell us whether we are covered. So fingers – and legs crossed. Although we are fortunate to have a second toilet, so not all a total disaster.



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