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First One Missing by Tammy Cohen

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What is the book About?

It’s about the parents of murdered children who form a group to support one another.

Is It A Series?


How Easy Was the Book to Read?

Fairly easy to read, although it jumps around making different characters the main character.

Karen’s Magic Review

The characterisation was very good and the story was gripping as it moved between characters getting different points of view. The author does a good job of adding twists to the plot and I didn’t guess the ending.

What I liked best:

I liked the twists in the story and how I wasn’t able to second guess where the author was going next.

And the rest:

I didn’t like the jumping from one character to the next, but more so because some of the characters I didn’t actually like and I found myself skipping over their sections to move on to someone I did like. The two people I enjoyed reading about, could have been expanded on.

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