Huntress by Karina Kantas

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It is the story of Sofi whose uncle was killed before she was born. She infiltrates a biker club to seek out his murderer and take revenge for his death. 

Is it a series? 

Yes, although it can be read as a standalone book.

Are there further books available?

There  are other outlaw books with a similar themes. This is book 2 and book 1 is called In Times of Violence.

How easy was the book to read?

Yes, a nice style of writing.

Karen’s Magic Review

Be warned if you are of a squeamish nature, then this book is not for you. It’s violent and sexual, and not in an erotic way. In fact, it reminded me very much of the TV series Son’s of Anarchy, which is all of those things. Although I must point out that this book was written well before that aired.

Sofi changes her name to Dion and is the singer in a band. She wants to become part of The Wolves Motor Cycle Club, and this seems the best way. Their president is in prison and his son is the vice president of the club. She doesn’t expect to end up falling in love with him and getting the title of ‘his lady’.

Now that things have become complicated, can Sofi carry out what she intended? Or is she in too deep and become too loyal to betray them now?

This is a gritty, dark story, which I wouldn’t normally admit  I liked. My life is as far away from this as you can expect, but we all have a little piece of us that secretly enjoys things we would run a mile from in real life. This is escapism.

I won Huntress on a Facebook event run by Karina Kantas knows her subject extremely well. I also read book 1 In Times of Violence, but didn’t realise when I won it that is was the next in a series. The first book is about the parents of Sofi and their life as part of a gang. It was only when they were mentioned in the beginning that I made the connection. Consequently, these stories are stand alone titles, too.

What I liked best:

The whole world of good looking bikers and the descriptions of the club and what they got up to. To have a window on a world I don’t know much about, was rather good!

And the rest:

I don’t think the book cover does the story justice. I picked up the image from Goodreads and then found a different one on Amazon. The one below doesn’t capture the prettiness of Sofi and I would have liked to see something more vibrant, something that makes you want to pick it up and look inside.

UK Amazon

US Amazon

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