A Reflecktion, On (*cough* I Meant, ‘Grammar’), Plus a Quick Update (at the end.)

Another view on National Grammar Day, and she has a point. Who comes up with all these holidays? Seriously, it’s National Grammar Day. Of course, to all the editors out there, this is your day! For the rest … A Reflecktion, On (*cough* I Meant, ‘Grammar’), Plus a Quick Update (at the end.)

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#BooksForTheHoliday – National Grammar Day

March 4th was National Grammar Day, but what writer doesn’t love the good use of words. Follow me on Instagram National Grammar Day is a United States holiday, but it should be adopted everywhere. Who doesn’t love words? Words matter as … #BooksForTheHoliday – National Grammar Day

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Newsletters, a Great Commodity for Readers

A lot of authors have newsletters these days, and they are a great way to get to know your favourite writer. I generally join them from Facebook pages, or a link in a book I’ve enjoyed. Recently I entered a giveaway and had to join a host of authors newsletters. Probably too many, especially when… Continue reading Newsletters, a Great Commodity for Readers

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Stories of Things that Hardly Matter

I’ve always found true stories as fascinating as fictional ones. Sometimes even more so, simply because they are true. I’m sharing a little story that might only be interesting to me. I’m lucky that my husband buys me flowers every so often, and at the weekend he bought me these. But it is the vase… Continue reading Stories of Things that Hardly Matter

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Hot off the Press #2

News from Karen’s Writing Desk Each month end, I’ll send out my hot off the press news as a newsletter. They are never complete without a few selected books from other authors. These will always be ones I’ve read and enjoyed. Since my last update, I have completed the first draft of A Hand to… Continue reading Hot off the Press #2

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#Crystals101 – How to Identify Your Crystals

I’d never heard of this until recently when Sahara began posting about them. I was curious as what they were, and what fascination they hold. In this article Sahara explains her own love for them. You found your first piece of stone/crystal that you fell in love with.  Just had to pick it up or… Continue reading #Crystals101 – How to Identify Your Crystals


Writing Personal Essays!

I came across this and had to share it. Personal Essays is ,something I did many years ago when the children were young. They were mainly about one event, a family holiday, or a visit to relatives. There aren’t many of these handwritten articles and in the past when I re-read them, the thing that… Continue reading Writing Personal Essays!