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From Humble Beginnings

I like One Direction, I love watching Harry Styles particularly.

The group came from humble beginnings. Each band member arrived at the X Factor Studio as individual singer. Simon Cowel put them together in a band. All that was back in 2010 and since then the group have honed their craft and developed their style.

This made me think of us as authors and our debut novels. Recently I read a book that didn’t reach the standard I’d expected from the author. It had a great storyline and was well written, but there was just something about it.

It was only afterwards that I learnt it was a debut. In a way, it should have said ‘debut novel’ because it’s something to be proud of. As a writer, I’m more critical than the average reader and tend to notice more.

Like One Direction, we should let readers know how much we have evolved since our humble beginnings. It’s like watching a teenager grow into a man. You love the person they’ve become; but equally you want to see how they have developed.

The is my debut move, of which I am in the process of rewriting. Judging by the reviews, readers loved it how it was, but I’ve become far more critical. We should all celebrate our debuts and be proud of how they represented us back then.

I’ll not be republishing Joanna’s Journey myself. It’s going to be on the Norns Triad Publications platform, as it’s being professionally edited. I’ll certainly shout about when it goes back up.

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