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My Review of Coming Home

This book was the idea of Chrissy Moon, whom I recently featured with her book of poetry Maybe That Isn’t Her. She had this idea earlier last year and recruited a few authors to write stories with the theme of Coning Home. The idea for that title came from Paul White, who books have also been featured here. Paul also designed the cover. Finally, the book was put together and formatted by Claire, of Plaisted Publishing House.

I hadn’t read any of the stories until the book came out, so it was a joy to finally get to read them.

The Lure of the Snake is a story I wrote last year. It’s tells of Mia who suffers a trauma which causes a temporarily memory loss. When she goes missing, her friends are really worried after an earlier incident. Mia’s boyfriend Josh, is the only one who knows what’s really going on.

Each story brought something unique. After my own came Paul White’s Kate Emerald, and McFinnigans, a clever little tale where Frank visits McFinnigan’s bar. This brings him back in touch with Katie who he hasn’t seen for twelve years. Their reunion was full of surprises.

Next came Home at Last by L. A. Reminicky, a sweet romantic story about Rebeka returning to the place where she met the father of her eighteen year old son. Their relationship ended before he knew about the pregnancy. The last thing she expected was to run into him as he had left to join the Marines. A love story that ends with a happy ever alter.

Goodnight Sarah is the offering from L. G. Surgeson, and probably my favourite in the whole book. Poignant and sad and part way through you realise that’s what’s going on is not what’s happening at all. I loved it.

My second offering came next with Two Hearts Forever Entwined. I’m so proud of this story because its a topic I’d never written before or since. It felt like Ken, the main character, wrote it himself through my hand. Set in a future that included time travel, this romance has a bitter sweet ending.

Paul White’s Fixing Thingmabob came next and I laughed all the way through. A man fixing a thingamabob down in his shed with the whatsaname. His wife had him sussed as he tried to please her. And the result is hilarious.

Aprylle’s Death Fairy is a magical fantasy expertly written by Chrissy Moon. The longer length took me straight into Aprylle’s world and I became fully invested. Ethereal beings on earth took us on a journey as Aprylle attempted to bring her friends home.

I’m proud to be part of this book and it was an honour to have my stories alongside these great writers.

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