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Maybe That Isn’t Her

Experience Chrissy Moon’s lifelong emotional healing journey in poetry format.

Beginning with a few poems illustrating the shock of mistreatment done to a young person, we see the next stage of her journey as a naïve, impulsive young woman who desperately wanted love to be the answer to her problems.

When poorly-planned love fails to fix everything, Chrissy in her older years takes a pause in her life to absorb advice and sort things out on her own. Before she can truly heal, however, she is asked by the Universe to do something that no one ever wants to do: lose everything. Only then can she be open enough to absorb the words of wisdom waiting for her.

But this type of learning can sometimes equate to more pain, as she constantly wanted to give up the healing process and go back to her troubled yet somehow comfortable emotional state.

Lastly, we find Chrissy’s poems of a more mature, healthy romance, and finally, to conclude this collection, verses of balanced self-respect and strength that are long overdue.

With over 70 new poems, MAYBE THAT ISN’T HER: A HEALING POETRY TALE is an expressive, personal story that will help articulate the emotional journey inside of you.

#709 – Myself, Now

This is the year
that I do not cower.
My knees shall not shake,
and I will not take
myself for granted,
Will not forsake
my peace for
another’s comfort.
This is my vow
to myself now.

#697 – Sitting here in a corner alone

Sitting here in a corner alone,
I am no longer trying to heal.
I am trying to wade through the
pollution of opinion
so I can get back to that corner
and thereafter,
try to heal.

Publication Date (ebook): February 14, 2023 – Print length: 92 pages
Available as an ebook and a paperback

This poetry collection is an autobiography of sorts. If you really want to get to know me, you’ll find my most significant emotions embedded throughout this book. It’s all here for you, a rough summary of my sadness, hope, rage, and peace.

Chrissy Moon

Author Bio

California native Chrissy Moon has been writing poetry for over 30 years. Her first poetry book, Sweet Faded Ink, is a collection of 50 selected poems ranging from her teenage years through her 30s, all of them as emotional and unpredictable as their composer.

A short story author, language enthusiast, and noob Minecrafter, Chrissy spends way too much time binging YouTube or Netflix with her grown sons.

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