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Book Review – The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith

Where did I find it: from a television series. Watching it made me want to read the book. The Silkworm is standalone, and book two of the series.

What I liked: most definitely the relationship between Strike and Robin. The Detective and his assistant. Also his struggles both physically, and financially, and the weather. The latter made the story atmospheric as everyone battled with it. I also enjoyed reading about Robin’s relationship with her boyfriend and her desire to become a sleuth.

What I didn’t like: that it’s not an easy to read book, it’s heavy and often complicated. But amongst the long words, overly detailed conversations, there was a great storyline. At 456 pages, it’s overly long and makes you work because in places it’s too clever. If it hadn’t been for watching it first, I’m not sure I’d have finished it.

Overall: I liked it, and will read the others in the series, although I need a break between them. Ultimately, there were lots about it I enjoyed. The author has a great way with words and character descriptions. As in the first book, I loved the use of unusual and quirky names. The Silkworm will appeal to those who like a good ‘whodunit’ and don’t mind the extra detours to get to the end. Would I recommend it? Yes, I probably would.

This book is part of a six book series.

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