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My Review of No Ordinary Christmas by Talia Hunter

Romantic and Witty

I really enjoyed No Ordinary Christmas. The romance between Luke and Willow started at the beginning of the story and they got together pretty quickly. This made a change than having a book being mostly about the chase.

The embarrassing incident Willow talks about at the beginning happened just before her school prom. It was hilarious and anyone would be mortified. Willow couldn’t bare to face her school friends again and left town and started a business.

Talia Hunter’s writing is sharp as a blade. Every scene gave me a chuckle and left me wondering what antic Willow would get up to next.

Luke was a hunk in every sense of the word. If she left him, and she did walk out at one point, I would have him. But she came back, and it was magical.

There is a gang of hunks, and each of them made an appearance. At the end of the book, the author announced that it is a series and us lucky women can meet them all. I reckon we are in for a real treat.


Three things even worse than Christmas:

1. Returning to my hated home town.

2. Getting arrested.

3. Realizing the arresting officer is the boy I ran out on in high school.

Luke Penn may look spectacular in a cop’s uniform, but I never wanted to see him again. He witnessed The Incident, otherwise known as the most embarrassing thing to happen to anyone ever. So as soon as I make it through my sister’s Christmas wedding, I’ll pack up my elf costume and catch the first sleigh out of town.

But when sparks fly between me and Luke, I’m forced to make an impossible choice.
Should I escape my cringe-worthy past?
Or take a chance on a Luke-alicious future?

No Ordinary Christmas is a stand-alone, second-chance, holiday novella you’ll love!

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