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Salute to Neil Gaiman, British Writer

Born this day, 10th November in 1960, Neil Gaiman, a British writer, has a long list of achievements and accolades. He’s written novels, comic books, graphic novels, nonfiction, audio theatre, and films. On Amazon there are over twenty books, all with colourful eye catch-catching covers. Take a look.

Although I knew his name, I hadn’t read any of his work, but have watched several films he wrote.

I checked out his website and it looked strange on my phone and iPad. It only took up a quarter of the screen. I had to scroll in to see it. However, when I did, I was impressed.

His journal is literally that, and each post is just a paragraph or two. The first one announced the split from his wife, but generally they are about his work.

Each link in the menu was interesting and I particularly liked the Cool Stuff and Things. So much, I may try to something similar. The title is much more interesting than what I have, and so is the content.

These are just a few of his vast range of stories. I’ve chosen these four because they caught my eye.

2 thoughts on “Salute to Neil Gaiman, British Writer”

  1. I love love Neil Gaiman. I’ve read The Ocean at the End of the World which was amazing. I also just finished Trigger Warning which was a very good selection of his short stories. You can learn so much about writing by reading his stories.


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