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Blow Your own Trumpet – I am!

I use the royal ‘we’ here, as I provide some content along with authors Julie Northup and Sahara Foley, to our fabulous newsletter. We are the three authors of Norns Triad Publications.

We all provide the content, but Julie is the one who puts our twice monthly newsletter together. I say newsletter, but to me if feels like a magazine full of interesting items.

We feature many great authors, and I often think that if they don’t subscribe they will never know we are promoting them.

This month, the authors we have featured are:

  • Ellen Read – The Ghost Rider
  • Mack Little – Daughter of Hades, book 1
  • D C Gomez – Death’s Intern
  • Nathan Ingram – Christ in the Coffee Shop
  • Declan Finn – Hell’s Spawn
  • Mark Leslie & Julie Stauss – Lovers Moon
  • Takiya – Single Mom in the City
  • Carrie Carter – Whisker Abroad
  • Paul White- Mechanical Mike
  • Jen Nash – The Big Power of Tiny Coonections
  • Humphrey Hawsley – Ice Sands
  • Tony Pisanella – The Phoenix Career Principles
  • Joel McKay – Wolf at the Door

We have some great features, for instance have you ever heard of Amazon Original Stories, and the Black Stars series? No? The description is as follows The sky is not the limit. From an alley in New York to an interstellar wormhole, the path to the future looks different for everyone. These cosmic short stories from some of today’s most influential Black authors reveal a universe of possibilities. Julie has read seven of them.

Books For the Holidays is a feature on the Norns Triad Publications blog. Each month Julie and I choose a day in the month from the calendar and write an article for it. We also recommend some books that relate to it. This month, we have the following.

We vary genres and this August have put together free books under the title of: Urban, Fantasy, and Mystery. If that wasn’t enough readers can choose 99c books, these are collated as – Short Stories, Teen & Young Adult, and Romance.

And, not forgetting something a little more personal from each of us.

If you would like to subscribe, you won’t be disappointed.

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