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Writing Update and Coming Soon

It occurred to me the other day that I am constantly writing, but I never share what I’m up to.

I miss my stories because the main characters are part of me. It’s sad that they are no longer there.

Last year I unpublished almost all of my books because I wanted to rewrite them. That’s no mean feat when I counted up around twelve.

From one book of short stories, I rewrote it into a trilogy. The Killer on the Heath is the first book and out now. I’ve finished writing the other two, The Sound of Evil and The Ghost on the stairs. They are paranormal stories and will follow soon.

I’ve also rewritten One Christmas, about a family who suffer a bereavement. This will eventually be a trilogy, One Christmas, One Easter, and One Summer. The later two will deal with a birth and a marriage, and all based right here on Anglesey.

Distant Time, is my time travel novella, and I’m working through edits for that and One Christmas.

That’s five books under my belt. Now I’m working on a paranormal mystery called Down by the River to get that republished too.

Next for publication is Play the Game, a sweet romance. It has a lovely new cover, and I can’t wait to reveal it you.

What do you think of my cover? Isn’t it pretty? Designed and created by Julie Northup of Norns Triad Publications.

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