Fantasy, series, Young Adult/Teen

Larougo, Book Two of The Uluru Legacy

Karen’s Magic Review

This book was an amazing read. The story built up slowly giving me time to get to know the characters. Too often a book moves forward at such a pace it’s hard to remember who everyone is.

Larougo had a lot of characters, but I hardly noticed until now. They blended in and became part of the bigger picture, which is why I didn’t notice.

In my ‘Pictures Telling Stories’ above, I like to choose pictures that I think represents the storyline.

Amelia and Roan are the main characters. They marry and their family build a large beautiful house for them in the outback. It’s a place where Roan and his father can easily change into their dingo forms. It is also a place that a community is born, something that I really enjoyed being evolved in.

Amelia is pregnant, she has a new husband, and an extended family to contend with. All of them were interesting characters. It’s lucky that Amilia loved the house and as the reader, I got very involved in her moving in and unpacking the many boxes.

Their marriage ceremony took place and I felt like I was one of the guests. It was that enjoyable. Everything seemed perfect, and for the most, it was. But there is always something on the horizon waiting to spoil the harmony. thats what good books are about.

People protected the ceremony from their enemies by standing guard, I won’t reveal who, but it was an interesting new dimension to the story. As much as you didn’t want anything to spoil the day, that is exactly what made the story exciting.

On Goodreads, I have revealed the conversational notes I took as I read the book. If you have read it, you may want to add your own comments.


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