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Forever Young by Lynette Ferreira

Karen’s Magic Review

There are some books that take work to get into. Others, you slide right in. This is the latter. Immediately the story is all there and it grabbed my attention on the opening page.

Jacob, who is from another planet, crash lands his capsule on earth where he has been sent on a mission. He has to find Amy because she is the one who can save their planet, although she doesn’t know it yet.

He has to get to know her first and joins her school as a pupil. This makes him realise that everything he has been taught about human kind is not quite as straightforward as he was led to believe.

This makes an interesting premise for the story. Then suddenly we are taken away from Jacob as a new character is introduced. Drew arrives with news from his planet and she must find Jacob quickly.

When they meet up, things change and it becomes even more interesting as Drew and Jacob team up to workout what to do next.

When it finished it left me with the feeling of wanting more and the author tells me book 2 will be available later this year. I shall look forward to that.

What I particularly liked was the short chapters and the overall length at one hundred and seventy-four pages. It suited me well.



He was sent here to save his own planet, because although his planet was millions of years older than this planet, Earth, and people on this planet had made different choices to destroy their home, they did not make the same mistakes.

It was decided that Jacob would journey across the space of time and light, a journey of five Arius days to establish contact with Amy Trotter.

Jacob needed to find Amy Trotter as quickly as possible, begin the harvest, get back to the pod, and then get back to his own home before he had no home to return to.

However, every time he thought he would have a moment alone with her, either Cynthia or Kevin joined them and even then, Amy hardly looked at him.

Then there was the issue of him hearing her thoughts. Was this in some way supposed to help him with his mission? The Elders never told him he would be able to hear what she was thinking.

Essentially, all people of Arius were capable of love, and if it was not enforced so diligently and punishable by death, they would fall in love with each other. Even after all these years, and all their efforts they could not completely eradicate that one component from the DNA structure. They started to suspect it might be more than genetics, something inherent in all beings.

Follow Jacob in this series as he searches for Amy on planet Earth. She is his only help in his plight to save his home planet, Arius.

But what will happen if he cannot convince Amy to help him?

Will everything be lost?

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